Concrete Repair Store's poly aspartic "Countertop Technology" is perfect for the concrete countertop industry!

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CRS- "Countertop Technology"

Fast-drying characteristics of poly aspartic coating technology translate into a rapid return to service, and high film build makes it possible to reduce the number of coats in a polymer system while maintaining the same overall thickness. These improvements all add up to improve the overall productivity of the applicators operation.

Concrete Repair stores poly aspartic "Countertop Technology" offers many benefits over other coatings:
  • Increased speed of cure
  • Increased film build....High build formula available for single coat applications 
  • Good weatherability characteristics
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion protection
  • UV Stable
  • Super fast set times (3, 6, 12, 120 minutes)
  • Clear or any color including custom tints
  • Available in cartridges, pails, drums and totes


CRS- "Countertop Technology" Crystal Clear Formula 
  • 3, 6, 12, and 120 minute cure times 
  • Any color tint available in standard or "high build" formula
  • Color Quarts blends available for aggregate additives
  • CRS- "A(2) O(3)" White Aluminum Oxide additive available for "Commercial kitchen" Durability!
  • UV Rated non-yellowing
  • Packaged in dual cartridges for easy application spray, brush, or roller applied 

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