Joint Filler Colors

A rapid set,  flexible 1:1 polyurea system. This two part polyurea is designed for control joint applications,  designed to set quickly and be cut to grade in about 20 minutes.
Cuts Very Flat and Smooth
Does not stress side walls of joint
Builds properties over 24 hours
a Develops high tensile strength and elongation properties in a most u
niform curve
Cuts easily, does not pull or cup
High color retention
Excellent unconfined compression

Short Down-Time & Fast Set
Used for rapid installations in control joints, construction joints and other warehouse joint applications.
product is machine applied using a 1:1 ratio pump

Cool Temperature Applications
May be used in cool temperature applications
Set times are extended slightly
and flexibility is maintained

Product Uses
a Control joints, cracks
a Wire guide systems and utility cuts
a Cable runs and inductive loops

USDA Meets USDA requirements for intermittent food contact, contains no solvents.
Very tough and abrastion resistant
 Rapid applications and set times
 Quick gel time @ 77OF
 100% Solids, no VOC problems, no odor
 Excellent color retention, low color change

The System - Product and Equipment
The recommended equipment makes a control joint application fast
Joints can be installed with 
a minimum rate of 1000 + linear feet per hour

"Load Transfer" 
Conforms to hardness and flexibility standards for control joints as specified by major warehouse and large chainstore operators

Product Colors......Available in any color!
Gray and amber are the standard colors
Cartridges, Ten gallon kits, and Drums, and Totes...

Mixing & Dispensing
Applications may be made using only an approved 1:1 application pump or duplex cartridge or this product can be hand mixed.