Here are a few tricks and time savers when using CRS-10 Concrete Repair

Re-bar Pins add strength and give additional protection against hairline cracking. They are installed Quickly and coated against corrosion by the CRS-10 product application. Start by cross cutting the crack with two parallel diamond blade cuts and snap out the center section with a pry bar.

Rebar Pins Application
Adding Rebar Support Pins

Drop the re-bar pin in the gap, and saturate using CRS-10.This provides corrosion protection and added stability against concrete movement. Next add sand to the void, trowel smooth and saturate with CRS-10.

Rebar Pins Saturation
Rebar Pin Saturation with Sand and CRS-10

Make a wet pile of CRS-10 and sand on the surface and trowel finish the crack for an even finish.

CRS-10 With Sand Matrix

Fully set re-bar pin ready for finishing in about 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

Fully Set Rebar Pin
Fully Set Rebar Pin

Fully set pool deck re-bar pin repair.

Pool Deck Rebar Pin Repair Fully Set

 Previous stamping has been restored using a diamond pad on a surface grinding wheel.

Surface Grinding
Texture Grinding

The end result is a perfect finish with no evidence of a crack repair.


Contact tech support for more tips and tricks.